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I created this 34-page, 10"x7.5" brochure for Mission Valley YMCA and Toby Wells YMCA in San Diego, CA (regional facilities of the second-largest YMCA association in the U.S.) to promote their 2016 programs in health and fitness and youth development.

Corporate brand guidelines defined the imagery, fonts. and colors accepted for use, including solid icons and rounded elements. The program manager provided most of the copy, with room for editing as dictated by design needs. The photos consisted of both those taken in-house or provided by YMCA of the USA, and I edited them for transparency as needed.

As a comprehensive guide to all features and programs available at the YMCA, the challenge was to showcase a heavy amount of information in a visually engaging way, creating contrast and call-outs where appropriate. Its target audience included YMCA members and program participants, especially mothers making healthcare and childcare decisions for their families. The YMCA distributed this brochure via direct mail and on-site at each facility.

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Mockup of brochure cover
Mockup of open brochure pages
Mockup of open brochure pages
Mockup of open brochure pages
Mockup of open brochure pages
Mockup of open brochure pages
Mockup of open brochure pages
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